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A.J Hospital Has First Successfully Performed Lung Surgery For Rare Congenital Disease

A.J Hospital has successfully performed lung surgery for a Rare Congenital disease of a 1yr 9-month-old child. The child successfully underwent this intricate lung surgery performed by consultant Cardio – Thoracic and Vascular surgeon Dr Sambhram Shetty H.S., ably supported by Consultant cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Jayashankar Marla. Anaesthesia & Intensive Care was managed by Dr Suhas M.K. Post-Surgery hospital stay was uneventful and the child was discharged on the 5th day Post operation. This is a rare genetic congenital lung anomaly found in 1 in a million live birth.

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The child had complaints of repeated respiratory infection and coughing out blood (Hemoptysis). On evaluation child was found to have a rare genetic condition called Aberrant Systemic Arterial – Pulmonary Venous Fistula with Intralobar Pulmonary Sequestration.

A.J. Hospital is proud to offer treatment for children who are citizens of tomorrow.

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