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A man who came to Mangalore from Goa is suspected of Nipah infection.

A person who arrived from Goa has been tested in Mangalore in connection with a nipah infection. The report is likely to arrive on September 15. There is great concern everywhere in the neighbouring state of Kerala. The inspected person was working as a microbiologist in a lab producing an RT-PCR kit in Goa. He was diagnosed with the flu two days ago and had a background check on the possibility that the Nipah virus might have been present.

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He visited Karwar from Goa and travelled to Manipal and then to Mangalore. The sample was sent to the Health Department for examination and the report is expected to be received by September 15. He has been isolated at a government hospital in Mangalore, said the district administrator.

The person has voluntarily undergone testing. The person’s sample was obtained and sent for examination. Officials say another report is coming.

The Nipah virus was recently seen in Kerala. A 12-year-old boy from Kozhikode, Kerala, was infected with the virus. A young man from Kozhikode was admitted to hospital due to severe fever. Initially, he had all of the symptoms that resembled the Nipah virus infection, and this background check confirmed the presence of the Nipah infection, and he succumbed to death. Currently, a check post is being built and checked at the borders.

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