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A New Nilgiris Supermarket Outlet At Canopy-Mohtisham

Yet another Nilgiris Supermarket was inaugurated in Canopy-Mohtisham at Urwa Store on Sunday, August 7 by MLA Vedvyas Kamath, along with other dignitaries.

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“The third outlet of Nilgiris is being inaugurated today. This is located in between Urwa Store and Ashoknagar. Nilgiris is famous for its quality. The public should utilize this opportunity. The fruits and vegetables are available here at affordable prices.” said MLA Vedvyas Kamath after inaugurating the outlet.

Mayor Premanand Shetty said, “Nilgiris has its own name for its qualitative products. Now, another outlet of Nilgiris Supermarket has started in Canopy-Mohtisham. Our daily products are available under one roof.”

S M Arshad, S M Sawood, S M Ashfaq, Taiyab A, S M Asad, and other dignitaries were present.

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