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Abiding By The Covid-19 Regulations, MCC Inspection Continues

The Mangalore City Corporation (MCC) has resumed taking action against those who fail to wear masks or abide by the covid norms in public places. Officials of the MCC paid visits to places like shopping malls, wedding halls, and other function halls to ensure that everyone present was wearing masks at all times. 

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Madhu Manohar, Environment Engineer at MCC spoke of how they had been receiving numerous complaints regarding people not adhering to the covid norms in public places as a result of which, he explained, they conducted the aforementioned visits. 

The visits were conducted on Thursday and Friday and went on to reveal that people in fact participate in social events without wearing masks and without maintaining physical distancing. While cases of the virus may be on the decline in some places, it does not essentially warrant the not wearing of masks. 

It is important now more than ever, to be on the watch and on guard and keep oneself safe from contracting the virus. As it has almost been a year since the first incidence of the virus, it is only natural for people to get used to its seeming presence which is why it is all the more important to be on edge now. People who gather in any public place have been firmly asked to not only wear a mask but to also maintain physical distancing for both the sake of others and of themselves. 

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