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Acclaimed author Jerry Pinto to feature on Day 1 of the Mangalore Literature and Art Festival

Renowned author Jerry Pinto will open the Mangalore Literature and Art Festival, which begins tomorrow. Pinto, a prolific writer, poet, and editor, will grace the festival with his literary expertise, promising a valuable and enriching experience for festival-goers.

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Jerry Pinto’s literary accomplishments are well-established, with his work receiving critical acclaim and numerous literary awards. He possesses the unique ability to craft stories that delve into the intricacies of human emotions and relationships, earning him a special place in the hearts of literature enthusiasts.

During the festival, Jerry Pinto will offer two captivating sessions. In the morning, he will engage with CFAL PU students in an exclusive session where he will explore “The Power of Persistence: How to Enable Scientific Thought in a World Filled with Distraction.” This interactive discussion will delve into the importance of scientific thought and offer insights into navigating the modern age of distractions.

In the evening at 4 pm, Pinto will present “Sowing Seeds in Your Brain: How Reading and Observation Skills in Children Help in the Development of Critical-Thinking Adults.” Open to the public, this session promises to provide valuable insights into the transformative power of childhood education in shaping critical thinking adults.

Vijay Moras, Program Coordinator at ELC/CFAL, expressed his enthusiasm about Jerry Pinto’s participation, “Jerry Pinto has been a vocal advocate of the importance of reading and he repeatedly emphasizes its multifaceted role in enriching our lives. Jerry Pinto’s presence at the Mangalore Literature and Art Festival celebrates our endeavour to enable diverse perspectives in science and literature. We are absolutely delighted to have a literary luminary like Jerry Pinto join us at the inaugural edition of the Mangalore Literature and Art Festival.”

Jerry Pinto has been honoured with the Sahitya Akademi Award for his book “Em and the Big Hoom.” His work has also garnered accolades like The Hindu Literary Prize, Crossword Book Award (Fiction), and the Windham-Campbell Literature Prizes (Fiction).

In addition to his novels, Jerry Pinto is an accomplished translator, bringing Marathi literature to English-speaking audiences. His translations include works by notable authors such as Sachin Kundalkar, Daya Pawar, and Baburao Bagul.

Jerry Pinto’s dedication to social causes is evident through his involvement with organizations like MelJol, which works for child rights, and the People’s Free Reading Room & Library. He has also contributed to journalism education for nearly 30 years, teaching at the Sophia Polytechnic’s Social Communications Media course.

To attend Jerry Pinto’s sessions at the Mangalore Literature and Art Festival, visit for registration.

For inquiries and further information, please contact the ELC help desk at 6360238816.

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About Mangalore Literature and Art Festival 2023.

The Mangalore Literature and Art Festival is set to commence on October 21 at the CFAL and ELC campuses. Featuring a wide array of activities, performances, and interactive sessions, the week-long festival promises a captivating experience for literature and art enthusiasts. The festival culminates on Oct 28, 2023.

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