Sunday, December 5, 2021

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Admissions in Karnataka’s Universities are on the rise

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Admissions to state-run PU colleges in the Dakshina Kannada district have risen this academic year due to two factors: the government’s all-promotion policy for SSLC students and a pandemic-induced financial crisis among households. As per data, 54 government colleges in the area received an extra 2,661 admissions this year, bringing the total number of admissions to 5,401. Even students who enrolled in aided and unaided colleges last year have transferred to government colleges for their second year of study. There are 54 government PU colleges in Dakshina Kannada, 42 aided colleges, and 116 unaided private colleges.

Admissions have more than quadrupled, from 75 to 167, as per the principal of Government PU College, Montepadavu. Three students who had attended a private college have transferred to the state-run college for their second year. Parents are unable to afford private college costs in addition to the all-promotion strategy. The cost of attending state-run colleges is much lower, and the quality of teaching has increased. The majority of colleges also offer excellent facilities, such as laboratories.

Admissions to colleges in cities and towns have risen significantly. Only 10 new admissions were noticed this year at Government PU College for Girls in Mukrampady, Puttur Taluk, as per the principal. Parents informed us that they couldn’t pay the costs at aided and unaided colleges, so they selected a government college instead. Three students from private colleges had planned to transfer to ours, but they were unable to do so since the transfer deadline had passed.

Aided PU colleges, on the other hand, have experienced just 920 increased admissions. Colleges had a total of 11,155 students now in the second year last year, while first-year PU admissions have increased slightly to 12,075. This year, 13,835 people were admitted to private unaided PU colleges, compared to the 12,628 previous year’s rise of only 1,207 students.


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