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All About the Inevitable Third Wave in India

As India is going through a major crisis with the onset of the second wave of COVID-19, health experts have now predicted that an inevitable ‘third-wave’ is at bay. K Vijay Raghavan, the government’s principal scientific advisor on Wednesday predicted and cautioned that as new waves are at bay due to rapid virus mutation, the country needs to be prepared.

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The Supreme Court on Thursday directed the Centre to start equipping the country to tackle the third wave of COVID-19 and rebuild a strategy for the distribution of oxygen throughout the country. As the healthcare system is collapsing, individuals must follow all issued guidelines and protocol to curb the spread of the virus. 

There is no clarity regarding the time period of the third wave. However, it has been noted that the virus aims to breach the immunity of those who developed it during the first wave and due to vaccination. The infections and vaccinations may result in ‘adaptive pressure’ on the part of the SARS CoV-2 virus leading to changes and mutations. 

The new variants are characterized by better adaptability and get triggered by the human population. Therefore, the only solution is to prevent the spread of the virus and follow safe practices and vaccination. 

Experts emphasize on adopting Covid-appropriate behaviour as the virus can only function based on human-to-human transmission. Thus, wearing masks and maintaining social distancing are very important as well as most effective preventive measures. 

Personal behaviour (consisting of masks, distancing and hygiene), vaccination, tracking and containment are the key components to break the chain of transmission. 

The number of cases in India meanwhile, have recorded a daily high with 4,12,262 new infections, 3,980 deaths and total tally of COVID-19 cases being 2,10,77,410 and the death toll at 2,30,168. The total active caseload in India is at 35,66,398 making it 16.92% of the country’s total infections. A net incline of 79,169 cases has been recorded in a span of 24 hours, among the total active caseload.            

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