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Ambidextrous Aadi Swaroopa Breaks World Record; Writes 45 Words With Both Hands Within A Minute

Within one minute, Mangalorean Aadi Swaroopa can write, using both her hands simultaneously, an astounding 45 words. For this rare talent, she has become the ambidextrous person who can write the maximum number of words within a minute and has broken the previous world record 25 words in a minute. She wrote the English words unidirectionally meaning that she wrote from left to write. The Latin America Travel Association (LATA) Foundation Organization in Raebareli of Uttar Pradesh has declared this as an exclusive world record.

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Aadi Swaroopa never had the fortune of going to school. Her parents Gopadkar and Sumadkar teach at their own enterprise, Swaroopa Study centre and Aadi Swaroopa began writing with both hands while she taught other students to write with their left hand. And in two years, Swaroopa mastered the art that she taught and learnt to simultaneously write with both hands in ten different styles. The styles included unidirectional (left to write), opposite direction, right hand speed and left-hand speed. In addition to these she can also write in reverse running, mirror image, heterotopic, heterolinguistic, exchange. What is even more surprising is that this young lady can be ambidextrous while dancing and being blindfolded. 

Her focus and control of the mind and the limbs are definitely commendable. In fact, it is difficult for many of us to write with only our less dominant hand let alone with two and also in these many styles. 

Her other interests include literature, music, Yakshagana, reading, mimicry, beatbox, memory enhancing techniques and Rubik’s Cube techniques. Her mastery and skill of activation of both the left and right side of the brain can be productively used in the educational field. She is learning Hindustani music from  Pandit Ravikiran Manipal. She is also learning how  to play the guitar and keyboard. She has released music CDs as well. She has read over 120 novels in Kannada and English. On her 10th birthday, she published ‘Aadiya Kathe, Anthya Neeve Heli’ which were compilations of 40 stories and exhibited 40 of her paintings for the same at Prasad Art Gallery of Mangalore. She has the ability to store about a thousand phone numbers in her memory, she can solve the rubik’s cube within 45 seconds and memorise anything given just a few seconds. Aadi Swaroopa’s next aim is to finish her English fantasy novel. 

When she was only one and a half years old, her parents say that they taught her to read using the Swaroopa self-study method. A year later and she was writing nearly 30 pages a day. Now, the young girl is ready to write the SSLC Examination ambidextrously and that too, without having pursued formal schools.

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