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Ambulance Driver Takes Patient From Puttur To Bangalore In 4 Hours

The story of Haneef, an ambulance driver who beat the odds while trying to save a patient

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Charging heroically through the Uppinangady-Guruvayanakere-Ujire-Charmadi Ghat route, an ambulance driver gave his all in an attempt to save the life of twenty-two-year-old Suhana who was to undergo surgery for the betterment of her lungs from Vyedhi Hospital in Bangalore. She was admitted to the Mahavir Hospital in Puttur but had to be taken to Vyedhi Hospital urgently for the aforementioned surgery. Haneef succeeded in reaching the Mudigere handpost in approximately one and a half hours. After making the decision to take the Belur route, he reached Vyedhi Hospital in just 4.05 hours. This extremely incredible feat of Haneef’s helped save the life of Suhana who was doing all that she could to keep breathing all through the lung-related complications she had to face.

Much like in the Malayalam movie Traffic, people, locals and the police joined hands in ensuring that the ambulance could pass through “zero passage”. Through a WhatsApp message relayed to help the ambulance with potential traffic, groups of youth in Banakal, Kottigehara, stood on roadsides and did everything in their power to ensure that there was zero traffic. Aiding the ambulance in his own ways was social activist Muhammed Arif from Banakal along with members of various organizations. Haneef drove off from Puttur at 11 in the morning on Wednesday and was able to reach the Mudigere handpost at 12 35 past noon. 

Haneef expressed his gratitude to the police, friends, and people in general without whose help completing such a task would have proved to be difficult. Carrying the responsibility for someone’s life is definitely not easy to do, and Haneef has done just that with utmost skill and dedication. Suhana can now receive life-saving surgery to better the condition of her lungs and live a hopeful and bright life. In times like today, when the world is battling against a pandemic like the coronavirus, health care workers like doctors, nurses, and ambulance drivers like Haneef are like national treasures who work day and night by giving their all in the hope of a better tomorrow. Haneef, the people of Mangalore applaud you for your service.

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