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An Architectural Marvel

The elegance of historical architecture never fades even after decades, it remains the same.Dakshina Kannada has a lot of such cherished architectures in and around.

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One of such architectural wonders is showcased in the small town Moodbidri which is of Dakshina Kannada. This town is known for its Jain Pilgrimage centres. Mostly there are 18 prominent Jain temples in Moodbidri and the finest of these temples were made in the 15th century, ‘Saavira Kambada Basadi’ or ‘Thousand Pillars Temple’ is one that stands above the rest. This prominent landmark is noted for its Thousand Pillars. This temple is also known as “Chandranatha Temple ” since it honours the Tirthankara Chandraprabha , whose 8 foot idol is worshiped and is considered as a prominent icon among the devotees.


  The Thousand pillar temple was built in the 15th Century (1430) by local chieftain,Devraya Wodiyar and was later renovated in 1962.Jain Tirthankara Chandraprabhu is the main deity in the temple.Moodbidri is known as ‘Jain Varannassi’ of South India. Jain basadis are found all over Dakshina Kannada. But basadis here have greater significance and are considered as the most ornate assets of the place.


  This temple is a unique piece of structure, there are thousand pillars in the temple and no two pillars are identical, each pillar is dotted with exquisite rocks and carvings that tell different stories, floors with Italian tiles and many other astonishing elements are a part of  the temple. The flawlessness of the stone carvings has symmetric and intrinsic details, it amplifies the detailing to the  symmetry of the structure and creates awe to the senses of each  visitor. There is a 50ft tall monolith Mahasthambha (giant pillar) which is a common feature in every Jain temple; it is erected in front of the thousand pillar temple.


  The temple’s complex has three storeys and seven Mantapas (porch-like structure), where the ground floor is carved and built in stones and granites, the first and second floor are furnished with wooden structures. The important and special Garbhagriha (inner sanctum) of the temple features an eight foot fall idol of the eighth Jain Thirthankara Chandranatha Swamy, which is known to be made with five different elements.


  The temple is situated in the core of Moodbidri town, which is an hour long from Mangalore, A great number of visitors come every year to get a glimpse of this embellished beauty, it’s a peaceful serene place with historical importance. So don’t miss a chance to visit and experience this stunning architectural brilliance if you ever get the chance.  


Picture credits: shiva.subramanya

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