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An article about must visit landmarks in Mangalore

Mangalore is a coastal city that is situated in the state of Karnataka. If one thinks about it, it is not too big, in fact, many places in the city are at walkable distances. In such a small city one may think, what could be famous landmarks?  This article tries to give every tourist an overview of what the breathtaking town of Mangalore has to offer. Owing to its cultural heritage, Mangalore boasts about many places of religious and cultural pride. Further explanation of many of these places will be mentioned in articles that are yet to follow.

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Mangaladevi Temple

Mangalore: where, one may ask did the name come from? The name comes from what is believed to be from the temple where the deity Mangala devi which is a form of Hindu God Shakti resides. The temple built during the 9th century situated in Bolara in Mangalore has many stories to tell. Be it that of King Kundavarman of the Alupa dynasty or mythology of Parashurama, the wooden temple constructed in Kerala style architecture is sure to amaze its visitors. The prominent festival celebrated in this temple is the nine days of Navratri or Dussera  where each day holds a special ritual for the deity.

Thousand Pillar Temple

Magnificence multiplied by a thousand- that is the easiest way one can explain the Jain temple Saavira Kampada Temple or Saavira Kampada Basadi. The temple situated in Moodbidri is known for its thousand pillars that have Vijayanagar style carvings whose designs are unique in each pillar. The temple was constructed in 1430 by local chieftain Devaraya Wodeyar. The temple has an eight foot long shrine of tirthankara Chandraprabha that is worshipped. The serene beauty of the structure itself helps one bathe in the peace and silence of being away from the crowded city and away from the tempest of life. 

St. Aloysius Chapel

This landmark is situated in one of the most prominent spots in the city: on the LightHouse Hill. When one enters the chapel that was built in 1800, they will surely be astounded by the beauty of paintings by Italian artist and Jesuit Antonio Moscheni. The paintings depict the life of Jesus, His apostles as well as that of Saint Aloysius to whom the chapel is dedicated. If the beauty of the chapel does not give one a sense of calm, then the daily service may do so.

Sultan Battery

When in Mangalore, one must visit Sultan Battery watch tower in Boloor that was built by emperor Tipu Sultan in 1784 . The watch tower is a testimony to Tipu Sultan’s commitment to safeguard his subjects from enemy powers.

NITK Beach

If you are a person who enjoys spending time at beaches and watching people crowd near the sea that flows by, NITK beach in  Pannambur in North Mangalore is a bus ride away from the main city. The waters come at you and if you turn back you see the lighthouse that was built 48 years ago. Sitting on the rocks on the beach and having a conversation as one looks at the picturesque view of the horizon is an evening well- spent.

The landmarks of Mangalore do not end here, rather, this is an opening into the plethora of places that this cultural Pandora’s box called the city of Mangalore deems to throw light on. 

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