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An Attempt To Save Dolphin

Over the past few years, it has come to one’s notice that as man progresses in terms of technological advancements, growing infrastructure and as he runs the race to gain more money, he is neglecting the value of mother nature and animal life.  Evils like poaching, oil spillage leading death and threat to  aquatic life, excessive usage of fertilisers that destroy land quality, the list of wounds to mother nature continues. Every few months, one can notice that cetaceans like whales, dolphins and porpoises are found dead on the shores of Karnatakan waters. These carcasses remain on the shore for a long time and cause pungent odour as it rots.

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As an effort to make a positive change in this aspect, the forest department of Mangalore has decided to take initiative. 

In order to identify dolphin habitat in the region between Ullal to Mulky, the forest department has made it integral to conduct a survey and then an integrated study on the 40 kilometre stretch of sea in the same location. This is an attempt to understand the reason for dead dolphins washing into the shore. 

The Deputy Conservator of Forest(DCF), V. Karikalan mentioned that a proposal for the same has been submitted to the principal chief conservator of forests (wildlife) and if approved, a dolphin conservation centre will be set up. As a primary effort towardtechnols this goal, surveys can be conducted with the aid of the Coast Guard or Indian Navy. This can be followed by differentiating areas for conservation. 

This project also requires cooperation of the New Mangalore Port Trust, scientists from departments including ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute and imminent personalities of the College of Fisheries who will facilitate an integrated study. In order to expedite and popularise the project, awareness must be spread on the need to conserve dolphin habitats. 

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