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Anti-bodies From Covid-19 Vaccine May Last Upto 8 Months

Director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Randeep Guleria shone some light on the effects of the vaccination against coronavirus. According to him, the antibodies produced as a result of the vaccination may last up to eight months or a little longer. Because of the same, scientists are supposedly trying to unveil the long-term protection that will be provided by the vaccination. This discussion or informal Q&A-of-sorts was conducted on the social media platform of Twitter through which Guleria answered questions tweeted using the hashtag #VaccineVarta. The aforementioned anti-bodies have been speculated to develop 14 days after an individual has received the second shot.

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The administration of the covid vaccine for people above the age of 50 has been said to start in the month of March 2021, according to Guleria. Furthermore, he stated that the overall administration of the vaccine would be dependent on factors like age, presence of comorbidities, or even severe diseases. One of the questions asked was why veterinarians had been excluded from the high-risk workers’ list to which Guleria replied saying they did not in fact treat patients with COVID and hence there was no reason to include them on the list. 

Many countries that now have started administering the vaccine started months ahead of India, however, India has now become the fastest country with regard to the doses of vaccine administered. As of the figures on Thursday, approximately 4,13,752 individuals received the COVID vaccine. Another question posed at Guleria was regarding why the government was focusing on exporting the vaccine even though not all citizens of the country had been vaccinated yet. Guleria’s reply was simple yet comprehensive as he stated that one of the major ways in which the spread of the virus is aggravated is through travel, as people coming and leaving the country in increasing numbers would mean that the virus could and would spread faster. Therefore, it was necessary to ensure that at a global level, every populace is vaccinated.

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