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Bamboo Cracker: No Smoke, No Waste, No Pollution

Deepavali 2020 was one of innovation for Mangaloreans. A bamboo cracker that contains no harmful chemicals was brought out by Parkala friends. Ever since Karnataka Chief Minister B. S. Yediyurappa banned the use of fireworks that cause pollution and health hazards, a group that refers to themselves as Parkala friends came up with the idea of using bamboo to create crackers.

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They found bamboos in lands nearby, on this, they tied seven knots that are left open except one knot at the bottom that is tied in order that the cracker is half done. A hole has been drilled on the side of the cracker so that kerosene that is poured through the horizontally kept bamboo cracker can be lit. When a cycle pump is used to pump air through this hole, the cracker will be lit immediately after which a grand sound is hurt. In order that the cracker be lit again, one can pour two spoonfuls of kerosene along the same hole. The best part about this cracker is that there is neither smoke nor waste that is generated and the cost of production of the cracker is low as compared to production of normal crackers. 

Ganesh Parkala, one of the members of the team explained that this cracker is a tribute to their ancestors because of who the idea of making a firecracker made of bamboo was suggested. The bamboo used is from a rural area and made this indigenous cracker. Thus they could follow instructions given by the government, remember the advice given by their ancestors and also experience the joy of bursting crackers for Diwali. 

The science behind this bamboo cracker is that when a hollow pipe like bamboo that is filled with kerosene is pumped with air, heat is generated. When this happens, and when air is removed, fire is lit and sound is generated. In earlier times, this was the technique used to scare wild animals that would attack fields.

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