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Bangaluru KSRTC becomes role model as it turns old bus into toilet for women

Hygiene and sanitation are significant for maintaining the health of a person, especially for women. Considering its importance regarding the health of women, special efforts should be taken by society to have a healthy population. But the current situation in India is such that women find it difficult to find a clean and safe public toilet once they are out in the public. 

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The public toilets that are available lack proper facilities and cleanliness due to poor maintenance. One could actually say that these half hearted efforts that are poorly planned and executed can be held responsible for the difficulties that women, especially those who work and travel, face today.

However there are few who make an effort to make the situation better for women. One such initiative was taken up by Karnataka State Road Transportation Corporation, in Bangalore along with the Bangalore International Airport Limited. It repurposed an old bus into a bathroom with all the necessary facilities. Bengaluru International Airport authority bore the cost of this toilet which was around 12 lakh, under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme. The Transport minister, Laxman Savadi launched the toilets.

This was one step towards the cleanliness and hygiene for women. This unique toilet includes a place for baby feeding, machine that vends sanitary napkins, Incinerator, place for changing diapers of babies, Indian and Western style commodes, wash basins and solar lights. The whole toilet is powered by solar energy. 

This initiative showed their concern for the health of the women of the society and their effort should indeed be appreciated. We must ensure this initiative will remain an example for us to follow, so that we can create a woman friendly environment in the future, where they can achieve their goals.  

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