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Bantwal couple’s journey to entrepreneurship – handicraft from coconut shells

A couple who had lost their occupations due to the Covid outbreak discovered a new way of life by crafting exquisite handicrafts out of coconut shells.

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The pair Sachindra and Jayalaxmi, who live in Kukkaje in the Bantwal village of Ira, are the ones attracting attention from the general public with their distinctive handicrafts.

A mason, Sachindra was. He was unable to work throughout the Covid lockdown, which put a great deal of strain on the family. The production of Sachindra’s cement flower pots began. but, did not have much luck.

Sachindra’s wife Jayalaxmi began creating crafts out of coconut shells. She began by producing goods that were needed for domestic usage and then saw a rise in demand from the general public.

The couple had been cutting the coconut shells and hand-decorating them earlier. Subsequently, they purchased some machines with a government loan provided by Mandara Sanjivini.

Jayalaxmi borrowed Rs. 75,000. The machines handle the majority of the labour. Her spouse had to stay at home for several months after having an accident at work. They both collaborated to create a variety of lamps, sanitising bottles, and enormous ants.

The focus of interest are the hanging pots that the pair makes. The local farmers sell them coconut shells, which they purchase. The hanging lights for electrical bulbs have already begun production and will soon be available on the market.

The pair had no marketing strategy. Their coconut shell art, which started out as a substitute during the Covid epidemic, is now a small industry. By assisting in the marketing of this couple’s goods through the handicrafts department, the government should acknowledge and support them more.

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