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Beginning on January 5th, a special train would run every week between Mumbai and Kanyakumari

Starting on January 5th, Thursday, a special train that runs every week will run between Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and Kanyakumari.

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The weekly superfast train from Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) to Kanyakumari will depart from Mumbai at 15.30 on January 5 and arrive in Kanyakumari at 23.20 on January 6. (Friday) Time of Arrival and Departure (on 06.01.2023-Friday) Mangalore Junction: 8 am to 8:10 am. Kasaragod at 8:49/8:50 a.m. 09.57/10.00 in Kannur. Thalasseri – 10:19–10:20 a.m. 11.17 and 11.20 a.m. in Kozhikode. Tirur 11.59 a.m./12.00 a.m. 13.00/13.05. Shoranur Junction.

Train No.01462 Kanyakumari – Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Weekly Superfast Special will leave Kanyakumari at 14.15 hrs. on 07.01.2023(Saturday) and reach Mumbai CSMT at 21.50 hrs. on 08.01.2023(Sunday). Arrival/Departure Timings Shoranur Junction – 23.20/23.25 hrs.on 07.01.2023(Saturday) Tirur -00.10/00.12 hrs.on 08.01.2023(Sunday). Kozhikode – 00.37/00.40 hrs. Thalasseri – 01.33/01.35 hrs. Kannur -02.00/02.03 hrs. Kasaragod -03.05/03.07 hrs. Mangalore Junction- 04.10/04.20 hrs.on 08.01.2023(Sunday).

Train No.01463 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT)- Kanyakumari Superfast Special will leave Lokmanya Tilak at 15.30 hrs. on 12.01.2023 and 19.01.2023(Thursdays) and reach Kanyakumari at 23.20 hrs. on 13.01.2023 and 20.01.2023(Fridays) Arrival/Departure Timings: Mangalore Junction- 08.00/08.10 hrs. Kasaragod -08.49/08.50 hrs. Kannur – 09.57/10.00 hrs. Thalasseri – 10.19/10.20 hrs. Kozhikode – 11.17/11.20 hrs. Tirur -11.59/12.00 hrs. Shoranur Junction – 13.00/13.

Train No.01464 Kanyakumari – Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) Superfast Special will leave Kanniyakumari  at 14.15 hrs. on 14.01.2023 and 21.01.2023 (Saturdays) and reach Lokmanya Tilak Terminus at 21.50 hrs. 15.01.2023 and 22.01.2023 (Sundays).

Arrival/Departure Timings: Shoranur Junction – 23.20/23.25 hrs. Tirur -00.10/00.12 hrs.on 25.12.2022. Kozhikode – 00.37/00.40 hrs. Thalasseri – 01.33/01.35 hrs. Kannur -02.00/02.03 hrs. Kasaragod -03.05/03.07 hrs. Mangalore Junction- 04.10/04.20 hrs

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