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Bioluminescence At Sight- In Beaches At Night

In the city of beaches, uncommon  glowing  waves are seen. Blue phosphorescence could be witnessed from the shores as the night deepens in the beaches of Mangalore and Udupi. Similar observations were made a few days back at Mattu beach.This bioluminescence activity has been occurring for quite a time now along coasts of Mangalore, Udupi, Padukere and Mattu, getting attention from photographic and biological enthusiasts.

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As the night falls, a swarm of onlookers are seen at the ocean shores enjoying the vivid blue sparkling waves of the bioluminescence activity, recently noticed at Padukere beach. The visitors share that the waves seem to glow the brightest after 11pm. Also a  visitor has informed to have seen light bioluminescence activity earlier this October; Now the glow has gradually intensified to become visible to layman’s curious eyes.

Presently,the nights at these beaches are dynamic,flocked with photographers, zoologists and the nature lovers, curiously waiting to observe the rare blue-green waves.

Few specialists  explain that bioluminescence activity on shore as a healthy sign. Few marine organisms display glow in the dark ability. Only if the environment is polluted this ability deteriorates. But the rare sight this year seems to have a different tale and must be investigated furthermore to draw any conclusion regarding the marine health.

The viral videos and pictures of similar illumination from Karwar, Kumta, Surathkal beaches are not yet down with views that the current bioluminescence activity adds to the people’s delight.

This fluorescence is said to be due to single celled organisms,crowded at a place. Under stress these unicellular life forms are said to emit such light creating a bioluminescence activity. Further studies regarding the life aspects of these organisms,the effect of various developments in the coast and others are yet under pipeline.

The best way to cool covid blues is to visit the beaches at night and watch out for waves shimmering blue; But don’t forget to wear your mask and maintain social distancing too.

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