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Bridge between Ullal and Mangaluru can become a reality over the years

The idea to build a bridge across the Netravati River to provide direct road access from Ullal to Mangaluru city through Kotepura and Bolar has been revived as a result of the government’s decision to reconsider it. Mangaluru MLA UT Khader has urged the government to explore creating a bridge that will allow fishermen and others from the Ullal shore to reach the city of Mangaluru without using the national highway.

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Khader stated that the public works department (PWD) has decided to resubmit the proposal to the finance department for approval. Khader inquired of PWD minister CC Patil during the assembly session as to whether the government intends to construct a bridge between Kotepura and Mangaluru. “The proposal to build a bridge across the Netravati River from Kotepura in Ullal to Bolar in the city of Mangaluru is a desperately needed infrastructure project for fishermen and the general public. In the 1970s, barges were used to transport people and products between Kotepura and Bolar, but the practise was discontinued with the opening of the national highway. Presently, the traffic density on the national route between Thokkotu and Ullal has significantly increased.

On the major highway connecting Kerala and Karnataka, gridlock has impeded the passage of vehicles. A parallel bridge between Kotepura and Bolar will resolve the issue. The government provided the Karnataka Road Development Company Limited with a cost estimate for the proposed bridge (KRDCL). Khader stated that the project was delayed owing to a lack of consent from the finance department and requested that the PWD speed the project. Patil stated that Khader’s question was pertinent and that the administration will give it top priority. “In its response, the finance department stated that the idea had been reviewed.

Yet, KRDCL’s outstanding obligations are already quite significant. Thus, the department has advised against undertaking or approving any new projects until the existing projects have been finished and financially closed. Minister: “We will resubmit the idea to the finance department and try to get it approved.”

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