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CBSE Board Exams 2021 To Be In Offline Mode

The chaos of covid has caused a huge impact on academic development, forcing the schools and colleges to opt for an online mode curriculum. The decision about board exams has been wary. The Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to conduct the 2021 board examination via offline mode as there was no request to conduct online mode examinations

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As per Ministry of Education the examinations play an important part in the development of students especially in moulding their future.Though the pandemic has paved way for online mode of activities making it seem normal, there still have been discussions among parents, students and teachers with regard to the examinations.

The dates of the board exams are not officially confirmed but systematic planning is being conducted to conduct safe, written board exams.With registration being conducted virtually, the union education ministry has decided to plan for three stage conversations with teachers,alumni and parents to make 2021 board exams to be smooth and trouble free. These conversations would be via webinars creating a direct link between the ministry and the layman.

The results of this webinar will be decisive factors for planning and conducting the 2021 board exams throughout the states and union territories.This plan will include insights from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Education Ministry states that online mode is a new challenge for learners but it is individual’s interest to convert this challenge to opportunity.Taking into consideration the students interest and academic importance the ministry has vowed to resolve the dilemma of exams and timely release of results, guaranteeing that there isn’t loss of  entire academic year.Ultimately the future of young minds and talented souls lies in the decision of the union.

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