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Centre to tackle women safety in railway premises and trains

Among the 23 million people travelling in Indian rails the 4.6 million are women. The recent records on crimes against women in railway premises has been increasing,creating concern. Owing to this the Union Government issued a detailed  guidelines of action plan, to prevent crime against women, on the Saturday (March 20th).This action plan includes various aspects such as sensitization, surveillance over the vulnerable areas, awareness notice to passengers and other special measures.

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Guidelines also give a liberty to the zonal railways and production units to proactively implement other mechanisms of protection as per circumstantial requirement and local conditions. 

The short term goals of the action plan include aspects like keeping a close eye on suspects, a regular visit to vulnerable areas by the incharge officials and staff while taking rounds. These short term goals must be taken up without any delay and set as a priority. On the other hand the long term goals include the improvement of infrastructure, basic amenities in the railway premises, like light masts, CCTVs etc. to be set up in order to curb any crimes. This must be followed up by the officials. The guidelines emphasized on bringing about improvement with already available resources which in turn creates a hassle free environment to the women travellers at minimum expenditure. 

The government also focused on the development of waiting rooms in the railway premises. The waiting rooms must always be attended to and must have access especially during nights, when the presence of passengers are bare minimum. 

The personnel with no proper identity card are restricted to enter the railway yards and couch depots, as per the prevention guidelines. The notification states that the passengers will have free access to internet services in the railway premises. This lies in the responsibility of the concerned railway authorities to make the necessary coordination with the internet service providers, also to ensure the unavailability of porn sites under this service. 

The guidelines also has notified about the strict and prosecutory action against the violators indulging in alcohol consumption on trains and railway premises. 

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