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CFAL Student Tops UGEE: Yashaswini K Secures AIR 1, Leading the way in Excellence. 

CFAL Student Tops UGEE:  Yashaswini K Clinches All India Rank(AIR) 1. Yashaswini K’s phenomenal success of securing the top rank in UGEE (Undergraduate Entrance Exam) has ignited joy across the city. Her unparalleled performance is a testament to her immense talent and relentless efforts. Yashaswini’s triumph reaffirms CFAL’s pledge to foster young talent and offer them an environment that promotes academic excellence.  

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In a similar vein, Samanth Martis has managed an impressive All India Rank Samanth’s success is proof of his dedication and commitment to excel. The accomplishments of these students are clear evidence of their unwavering commitment, determination, and the high-quality learning environment provided at CFAL Mangalore. 

Other distinguished performers at CFAL include Ketan Suman, Achinthya, and Ankith Kini, who have achieved All India Ranks 226, 292, and 381 respectively. These students have showcased extraordinary proficiency and their potential to thrive in the intensely competitive UGEE. CFAL is filled with happiness and pride as they honour the extraordinary achievements of their students in the recently conducted UGEE a key for entry into the dual degree programmes. These programs lead to two degrees: a B.Tech and a Master of Science by Research,and prepare students for research-oriented roles and higher studies. 

The UGEE is conducted by the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIITH), the first Indian IIIT established in 1998 as a not-for-profit public private partnership. IIITH is a distinguished autonomous university, known for its strong research programmes in various areas, emphasizing technology and applied research for societal and industry benefits. It encourages interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange and houses world-renowned research centers. 

IIITH has also initiated joint collaborations and co-innovation with significant national and multinational companies. It provides a flexible and innovative curriculum, encouraging students to choose their courses and projects. Notably, even undergraduate students participate in ongoing research and technology development – a unique opportunity in India. Therefore, vibrant undergraduate and strong postgraduate programmes coexist at IIITH. The CFAL team takes great pride in its students’ achievements. CFAL’s well-rounded educational experience, focused on intellectual development, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities, has been a critical factor in these students’ success. The unwavering dedication of the faculty and the steadfast support of the students’ families have played key roles in their accomplishments. 

Vijay Moras, CFAL’s Program Coordinator expressed his joy at the students’ exceptional performance. He commended their dedication and desire for learning, emphasizing that their success would be a beacon in their future pursuits. “Our students’ achievements not only showcase the very best in them, but they also highlight Mangalore city’s exceptional talent and academic prowess.” he said.  

Centre for Advanced Learning (CFAL) is a prestigious educational institution that offers comprehensive and high-quality learning environment that supports students in academic excellence. With seasoned faculty, good infrastructure, and a nurturing learning atmosphere, CFAL has consistently achieved remarkable results in various entrance exams. 

For more information about CFAL, you can contact them at: Centre For Advanced Learning,

Bejai – Kapikad Road, Mangalore. Ph. No – 99005 20233

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