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Cleanliness of City Concerns as we have missed out a spot in top Clean Cities since last 3 years

Mangaluru: After the garbage fall tragedy in 2019, the city has been unable to dig its way out of the difficult circumstances and be acknowledged as a top city in terms of cleanliness. Many people consider the city to be a clean, attractive city with all of the amenities that would suit anyone looking for a nice environment to live in.

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Mangaluru ranked fifth for solid waste management in the Swachh survey 2018-19. The very next year of bagging this rank, the worst waste crash happened at Pachanady, and with it, the city’s reputation reached rock bottom. Mangaluru will take part in the 2021-22 survey, and if enough people show interest, it will once again be considered one of the cleanest cities.

Although several black spots in the city have been discovered, individuals continue to throw rubbish there despite the installation of CCTV cameras. Efforts to stop people from discarding their trash-filled plastic bags on the side of the road have failed. These factors are proving to be stumbling obstacles in the city’s quest to gain recognition as a clean city.

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