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Dept Of Journalism Of Alva’s Degree College Organizes Organ Donation Awareness Programme.

 The department of journalism of Alva’s College, Moodbidri, along with its open elective students will organize an organ donation awareness programme on Thursday

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  It is being done in association with the Organ Donation India Foundation. Programme coordinator Shreelatha S Thantry said on Tuesday that according to the World Health Organization, only around 0.01% of people in India donate their organs. Some of the reasons behind such poor performance are lack of public awareness, religious or superstitious beliefs, and strict laws.

  There is a need for about 1.5 to 2 lakh kidney transplants a year, while only about 8,000-10,000 transplants happen. Also, as against 40,000-50,000 liver transplants required a year, about 1,700-1,800 happen each year. About 2 lakh hearts are required; only about 3,500 transplants happen every year,” she said. 

  Therefore, students of Alva’s College have decided to work and create awareness on this issue, which will not only aid their academic development but also help in the betterment of society, As of now as many as 102 individuals including students and faculty have pledged their organs for donation, the number is expected to rise on the day of the programme, she said while explaining the motto behind the event. 

  “With ample work and spreading awareness about this, we can surely try and bridge the gap between the donor and the recipient,” said Shreelatha. 

  The gathering will be addressed by Lal Goel, chairman, Organ Donation India Foundation. Dr M Mohan Alva, chairman, of Alva’s Education Foundation, will preside over the event. Former minister K Abhayachandra Jain will pledge his organs for donations on the occasion.

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