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Covid-19 Cases Below 1000 In Karnataka – First Time In Six Months

For the first time in six months, the Karnataka state has claimed to have less than 1000 new covid cases and 13 deaths. The total number of infections in the state now stands at 8.84.897 while the deaths are at 11,778. The figures were disclosed by the COVID bulletin of the Health Ministry on Monday.

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As of Sunday, 2,209 patients were discharged and a total of 998 cases were reported. However, a decline in the number of positive cases should not be confused with the positivity rate, as the positivity rate still stands at 1.22% while the case fatality rate is 1.30%. This means that regardless of the decreasing number of positive cases, the dangers of the virus do not decrease with it and contrarily, remain the same. 

However, some laces in the state have been continuously reporting a high number of fresh covid cases as compared to other parts of the state. An example for the same would be the city of Bangalore to which belong 444 of the new 998 cases reported in the state. 

The state is doing everything in its power to help those infected as 22,930 patients are observing stable isolation at hospitals while another 349 have been receiving treatment in the intensive care units. The district of Bangalore has not only reported the most positive cases but also an equally high number of discharges. Out of the six deaths due to the virus that occured in the district, most patients reported having a medical history of Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARI) or Influenza-Like-Illness (ILI). out of a total of 1,11,01,633 samples that have been tested till now, 81,333 were tested on Sunday.

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