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COVID 19 GUIDELINES – Karnataka as on 21 April 2021

  1.  Night Curfew would be imposed on the entire State from 9 pm to 6am 
  2. Weekend curfew would be followed from Friday 9 pm to Monday 6am
  3. Prohibited activities
  • Schools, colleges, educational/training/coaching institutions will remain closed. Online/distance learning shall be encouraged.
  • Cinema halls, Shopping malls, Gymnasium, Yoga centres, spas, sports complexes, stadium, swimming pools, theatres, bars and auditorium, assemble halls and all other similar venues.
  • Swimming pools approved by the Swimming Federation of India to be opened for sports persons for training persons only.
  • All social, political, sports, entertainment, academic, cultural, religious gathering, other gatherings and large congregations.
  • Stadia and playground are allowed for organising sports event and practising purpose, without spectators
  • All religious places of worship shall be closed for the public. The people engaged in worship can continue to perform their rituals without involving any visitors.
  • Restaurants and eateries will operate however only take home is allowed.

4.Construction Activities:

  • All construction activities and civil repair activities will be permitted.
  • Works related to pre monsoon preparation are permitted.
  • The above given activities would be permitted by strictly adhering to Covid appropriate behaviour(CAB) as stipulated in National Directives of Covid 19 management.
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5.Industrial Activities: All industrial establishment or production establishment can operate adhering Covid appropriate behaviour. The movement of staff shall be allowed by producing valid ID / authorization released by the respective industrial establishment.

6.Commerial and Private establishment:

  • Shops including ration shops dealing with food,groceries,fruits and vegetables, diaries and milk products, meat and fish, animal fodder are permitted to operate.
  • Wholesale vegetables, fruits, flower markets shall be permitted to operate from open space or playgrounds strictly adhering to Covid appropriate behaviour. The shifting process should be completed by April 23.
  • Restaurants and eateries permitted only for take away.
  •  Lodging hotels are permitted for services with guests only.
  • Standalone liquor shops and outlets/Bars and Restaurants are permitted for take away only.
  • Banks, Insurance offices and ATM are permitted.
  • Print and electronic media permitted.
  • Capital and debt market services and notified by the securities and Exchange board of India are permitted.
  • Cold storage and warehousing services permitted.
  • Private security services permitted.
  • Salons and Beauty parlours shall remain open by strictly adhering to Covid 19 guidelines.
  •  All establishments wherever possible should encourage the employees to work from home.
  1. Functioning of Government and Private Offices:
  • All private offices/organizations/institutions/companies shall be allowed to work with minimal strength as far as possible. Work from home would be encouraged.
  • Only essential employees/staff of IT and ITeS companies shall work from office. The rest are encouraged to work from home.
  • All telecoms and internet service providers and companies offering allied services to telecom and internet service providers are allowed to operate 24/7 with unrestricted movement of personnel and vehicles.
  • All government offices and autonomous bodies /Public cooperation etc shall function with 50% strength and rest 50% of the staff shall be deployed for Covid 19 containment and management purpose. The departments dealing with essential and emergency services shall function in full capacity as per the guidelines to be  issued by DPAR.
  • Courts and offices related to judicial work shall operate as per the guidelines issued by the Hon’ble High Court.
  • All offices of the government of India, its Autonomous or Subordinate offices, Defence, Emergency and Essential services, and Public Corporations shall operate as per the guidelines issued by the respective departments.
  • Petrol/Diesel pumps, gas stations shall be fully operational.
  1. Inter-state and Intra-state Movement:

There shall be no restrictions on Inter-state and Intra-state movement of persons and goods. No separate permissions would be required for these movements. However people coming from other states would strictly adhere to the Covid SOP issues by the Department of Family and Health Welfare department, Govt of Karnataka.

  1. Movement of People: Movement of people is permitted
  •  Movement of people through public transport ( Metro, KSRTC, BMTC,NEKSRTC, NWSRTC, Private busses,  Trains, Taxis including cab aggregators, Auto Rickshaw,etc is permitted adhering to Covid appropriate behaviour. 
  • Number of people travelling in busses, maxi cabs, tempo travellers and metro shall be 50% of the seating capacity and other vehicles shall be as per the seating capacity stipulated by RTO.
  • Unnecessary travel through private vehicles should be avoided.
  1. Movement of good: Unrestricted movement of all kinds of goods and cargo .
  2. Agricultural and allied activity outside containment zone: All agricultural and allied activities allowed outside contaminated zones.
  3. Health Services: All health services (including AYUSH and Veterinary hospitals) and pharmacies to remain fully functional outside contaminated zones.
  4. Marriages: Marriage permitted strictly adhering to COVID 19 Appropriate behaviour with  maximum 50 people. 
  5. Cremation/Funeral: Cremations and funerals can include 20 people.
  6. COVID Appropriate Behaviour:
  • BBMP and District & Local  Authorities shall take all necessary measures to promote COVID 19 appropriate behaviour. Strict enforcement of wearing of face masks, hand hygiene, and social distancing must be ensured.
  • Wearing a face mask is an essential preventive measure. In order to enforce this core requirement, BBMP, District Authorities and Local authorities shall impose a fine of Rs.250 in Municipal corporation areas and Rs.100 in other areas for not wearing face covers as required.
  • Observance of social distance in crowded places, especially in markets, bazaars and public transport is critical for containing the spread of infection.  SOP issued by the Ministry of health and family welfare to regulate crowds in market places, shall be strictly enforced by BBMP, District and Local Authorities.
  • SOPS for regulating travel in aircrafts, trains and metro rails are already in place, which shall be strictly enforced. 

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