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Covid Surges : Section 144(3) imposed in Dakshina Kannada

Taking up a precaution to curb the spread of Covid the DC of Dakshina Kannada has imposed Section 144 (3) of the criminal procedure code in the district, on Tuesday. This order has been imposed to avoid people crowding during the upcoming festivals of Ugadi, Shab-e-Barat  and Good Friday.

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The public is prohibited to gather in open grounds, parks, markets, other religious places as per the order from the DC. Also the Jathras and Melas have been banned to reduce the spread of virus. 

As per the words from the officials a spike in covid cases has been observed in the past 15 days, hence the precautions are must to avoid future spread. So as per the government order dated March 25th restrictions on masses at public places and conducting jathras, fairs during festivals has been imposed. 

As per the prohibitory orders issued under the Section 144(3)  of CrPC, also Section 26 and 34 of Disaster Management Act of 2005 strict impositions and actions are must to curtail the spread of the virus. This is mandatory keeping in mind the health of the public and it’s future. 

The DC concluded with remarks on individual health prioritization. Public should enjoy all the religious rituals without crowding and creating chaos. The citizens who violate this will have to face strict punishment as per Sections(from 51 to 60) of the Disaster Management Act, IPC Section 188 and Section 4,5 and 10 of the Karnataka Epidemic Disease Ordinance, 2020.This order will be viable through the district till further notice.

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