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DK: Authorities keeping a close watch on weddings

Although weddings are not directly mentioned in the recent government circular about COVID-19 restrictions, the Dakshina Kannada district administration has requested gram panchayats (GP) and urban local bodies (ULB) to monitor events and ensure that no violations take place.

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The maximum number of guests as per the previous government circular is 400 people. Recently, the government imposed restrictions on Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations. People should be more responsible and follow the guidelines of the government during weddings, the Deputy Commissioner said. He added that the respective GPs and ULBs have been asked to monitor functions.

In the meantime, people should be responsible and have marriages within the confines of the law. They have told the officials at the GPs and ULBs to take action against anyone who breaks the rules during weddings. The maximum number of attendees authorized at any function is 400, as per a government circular, the DC added.

The DC said that many religious functions are also held at temples, churches, and mosques. “Self-regulation is important, rather than going for lockdowns and other severe restrictions that will affect the economy further,” he said. All malls and multiplexes have been asked to verify vaccine certificates at the entrance. In the next phase, identity cards of people will also be checked at the entrances of malls and other public places.

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