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DR. Mahima Mishra & her Aerovacuator

She made a cost efficient aerosol device that can be used in the external region of the oral cavity and called it Aerovacuator. This is a creation by Dr. Mahima Mishra, an intern of MCODS, Mangalore. 

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Dr. Mahima Mishra, an intern from Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Mangalore has won the Manipal Covid Challenge in the category of apps, devices and web for her ‘Aerovacuator’ which is a dental Aerosol Evacuator. The event she won was conducted by the Innovation centre of the  Manipal Academy of Higher Education along with Manipal Institute of Technology(MIT) and Kasturba Medical College, Manipal.

This device will help remove aerosols with utmost safety, in addition it is a negative pressure device that aims to reduce high costs that are spent on them. According to Dr. Mishra, her creation  is portable and can reduce the transmission of infection from one person to another especially between dental personnels and their patients. The Aerovacuator is a disinfectant that uses UV-C lights. In high particulate air, the efficiency of the device is in its capacity to filter the captured aerosols. 70% of isopropyl alcohol is flushed with the waterline in an attempt at decontamination. The individual components of the device are detachable and thus advantageous at storage and transport. The stainless steel utilized will aid in autoclave.

Dean of the Manipal College of Dental Science, Mangalore, Dr Ashitha Uppoor opined that this device will assist in significantly minimising aerosols produced during dental procedures and in turn will protect healthcare workers. The added benefits of cost efficiency, easy assembling and simplicity in its operational procedures is profitable. 

Dr. Mahima Mishra is looking forward to continuing more research on her product and aims to present the final product to the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development. She is putting her hard work into creating a company that will help manufacture this device for many others. 

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