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During Pregnancy Taking Vaccination May Protect Infant Against Virus.

   According to a study released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Coronavirus vaccinations given during pregnancy might provide protection to babies after they are born.

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  A study found that infants whose mothers were fully vaccinated with mRNA shots while pregnant were 61% less likely to be hospitalized for the virus in their first six months of life. That protection appeared to be stronger if the vaccination occurred after the first 20 weeks of pregnancy.

 It’s the first real-world evidence demonstrating that maternal vaccination generates coronavirus antibodies that could be passed on and become protective to the baby. The conclusion was previously theorized by scientists after antibodies were found in umbilical cords, which act as a conduit for nutrients and waste between the mother and the baby.

    The CDC has recommended vaccination for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning to become pregnant, noting that pregnancy increases the risk of severe problems from the coronavirus. Studies have found a higher risk of hospitalization, intensive-care admission, and death compared with the nonpregnant population.

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