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Exclusive Live session with Indian Idol Finalist Nihal Tauro

On September 17, at 8:00 pm, an exclusive live session was conducted by Mangalore Meri Jaan with the Indian Idol Fame and Finalist, Nihal Tauro, from Mangalore. Komal Jenifer D’souza aka theshoehostess hosted the live show.

  1. Q) Which languages do you know?
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Tulu, Kannada, English, Hindi, Konkani

  1. Q) What drove you to sing?

My father used to compose and write Tulu, Kannada, and Konkani songs and was very good at that. So I developed an interest in music. I can say my journey started at church, singing in the chorus while I was four to five years old. My first album recording was at a 3rd standard. My father was my first teacher, role model, mentor, and inspiration, and I had good family support throughout.

  1. Q) Where did you do your studies?

I am doing a correspondence BA from Alvas so that I can concentrate more on singing.

  1. Q) Did you ever imagine you were going to be in Indian idol someday?

Ten years back, I had a desire to sing on Indian Idol. To gain some experience, I started attending so many competitions like Pratibha Karanji in schools, and some singing competitions in Mangalore like Daijiworld Studio Voice, Namma Udupi Voice, and Super Singers, and got a few prizes and a lot of experience too. Then after that, I went to Saregamapa and there I gained a lot of experience and exposure and became a finalist. My father then asked me to try for Indian Idol. And one day, while watching TV, an advertisement popped up about the registration for Indian Idol. I registered for those give auditions, got selected, and became the finalist. Now I’m here and I’m so happy and glad about this.

  1. Q) What is your special memory in Indian Idol?

Most everyone’s favourite moment in Indian Idol was when Jackie Shroff Sir, came into one of the episodes. The vibe of the set changed as soon as he entered. He used to sing with us together, and it was a lot of fun.

  1. Q) Who do you miss the most in Indian Idol?

As of now, I am missing nobody because I am in touch with every one of them through phone calls, except for 2; I miss them.

  1. Q) What are the requirements to attend Indian Idol?

One should have confidence which shouldn’t turn into overconfidence overtime. And have a lot of practise and experience. The main thing you should have is a vision and hard work. That’s all you need.

  1. Q) When is the song being released that Himesh Reshammiya sir asked you to record?

Coming soon

  1. Q) Why do you love your hair so much?

There is no reason for this as such, but I love my hair the most!

  1. Q) Any message to all the fan pages?

My fan pages are the best. They are still reposting pictures and videos even now, and I would like to thank all of them for all the support and love they show me. And the most fun part is that they have more pics in their account compared to mine.

  1. Q) Is there a fan meet happening in Mangalore?

I never thought of this till this moment and that looks like a good idea. I will plan for it soon.

Rapid fire rounds

  1. Q) Describe yourself in 3 words.

Medium, brilliant, and boring

  1. Q) On a scale of 1 to 10, how cool are you?


  1. Q) Your favourite subject in school?


  1. Q) What is your least favorite subject in school?


  1. Q) What is the lowest score you have got in school?

25 out of 100

  1. Q) What scares you the most?

Darkness and cows

  1. Q) Nickname?

Nia, Nihal, Tauru

  1. Q) What is your dream holiday destination?

Australia-Great Barrier Reef, northern lights 

  1. Q) Are you a morning or night person?

Night person

  1. Q) Summer/ Winter/Rainy?


  1. Q) Is there anything interesting in your wallet?

Best friend Rion’s pic 

  1. Q) What would you like to change about yourself?


  1. Q) Which animal do you want to be if not a human?


  1. Q) Which celebrity would you be if not you?


  1. Q) To keep your hair or get a dream job?

Keep the hair 

  1. Q) Your worst haircut and when?

In seventh standard, one relative came home and did my haircut. It was a night mare.

  1. Q) Apart from your hair and voice, which is the best feature of your body?


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