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Experimental Areca sheet plates brings success to young Entrepreneur

Finding his own path was the only way out for Srikrishna, a mechanical engineering graduate, from Madavu, Puttur, after he realised that the degree he had acquired would not guarantee him employment. When this young graduate realised that his degree will not ensure him an income to take care of his family, he decided to venture into other areas to be successful.

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This decision was the first step towards his now thriving business, all over the country. The raw material used by the youth is the areca sheets found in his own plantation and plantations in the neighbourhood. The variety of materials that can be made like plates and items of other daily use and the fact that areca sheet plates are nature friendly, and can be used to replace plastic in functions and programmes are two reasons for why his innovative idea has been welcomed by the market. This idea of his has also helped to bring to use the areca sheets that were being wasted. 

But with the large competition for the product in the market, he had to come up with new items to overcome it and so he undertook research for different products that will distinguish his company from the others. Thus today he sells products of different sizes and types like plates, soap boxes, ice cream cups, spoons etc. He has also created different designs of machinery as per his requirement to make these sheets. 

Today his products have reached the states of Kerala, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, etc. His enterprise has also provided employment to a number of people, thus helping people with his success.  With his success, he has proved how people can succeed on their own with a little bit of determination and willpower, supported by adequate research and ideas.

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