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Father Muller is holding a fundraiser with music and a Christmas sale

Every day, doctors scurry around treating the sick as if they were busy bees.But! The Father Muller Convention Center will host Doctors unplugged with the Alumni Musical Nite “Mojo 2022” on the upcoming Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2022, offering musical, dance, and inspirational talks to the people of Mangalore. The event will start at 6 p.m. and end at 9 p.m., and it will feature a variety of musical genres, the sale of handicrafts and Christmas decorations, as well as a food fair.

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The Father Muller Medical College Alumni Association (FMMCAA) is a vibrant and dynamic group of former students who promote fraternity and causes for healthcare and education. They have been actively participating on many occasions, including last year’s celebration of the Father Muller Medical College’s 20th anniversary.

This year, the FMMCAA is led by Dr Archana Bhat, Associate Professor Dept of Medicine and FMMCAA President, and Dr Cimona D’Souza, Assistant Professor Dept of ENT and FMMCAA Secretary, both of whom are Father Muller Medical College alumni.

The Father Muller Charitable Institutions’ welfare fund, which serves as a reserve for company employees employed at the Institutions, and the renal (kidney) failure patients who require frequent dialysis are the focus of the alumni’s efforts this year.

Dr. Dhruva Gulur, MD, from the USA, and Dr. Vishwakanth Bhagavathula’s performance, which will showcase their amazing musical talent and enthral the audience, will be the main draws. This joyful evening will include solo performances, DJ music, a live orchestra, and rap music.

Only Rs.200 will buy you a ticket to the fundraiser, which also grants you access to the spectacular Father Muller Convention Center. Tickets may be purchased in person or via the QR code on the handout or advertisement.

The Muller Mini, which is located on the conference center’s lower deck, will offer a wide selection of appetisers, snacks, and supper items prepared by Maya International at a reasonable price. Everything was available under one roof, from conversations to refreshments, dosa to biryani, pure vegetarian and non-vegetarian, chocolates to desserts.The hall will be designated as a no-alcohol zone in consideration of the cause.

The Father Muller Rehabilitation Unit’s stall will be located at the front door and sell handicrafts produced there as well as by other handicraft units across the nation. Items for the Christmas decor will go on sale and be available for reservations. There will be sales of Care and Kashmir paper mâché holiday decorations. These goods are handmade by people with disabilities who need to sustain themselves, and FMCI has encouraged and supported their overall growth and income generation. The Father Muller Rehabilitation Unit is a member of the MESH (Maximizing Employment to Serve the Handicapped) network, which promotes the domestic and international sale of goods created solely by people with disabilities.

The evening will feature impressive graphics and sounds in the fully air-conditioned 1700-seat conference center. There will be parking for around 700 automobiles and numerous bikes on the Pumpwell side of the event (the entrance to the conference centre). All music lovers with a desire to aid dialysis patients are welcome to attend the event. calling on all Namma Kudla residents of Mangalore to contribute to the success of this charitable endeavour. Let’s jive to our hearts’ content. People who want to donate to the charity but are unable to attend could scan the invitation and do so. Father Muller’s Christmas Sale and Music Fundraiser

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