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Students Who Haven’t Paid Fees Can Still Attend Online Classes

After the decision by the Association of Primary and Secondary schools in Karnataka (KAMS) to suspend classes, from Dec 1st, for the students who haven’t paid fees there had been objection from the Central. Now the association has agreed to abide by the Government and give the leniency of 15 days to meet their demands. The non-fee payers can also now attend the classes.

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The KAMS initially denied access to the students who haven’t paid the fees justifying that its fixed and variable expenses purely depend on the fees paid. Under such circumstances, the government organised a meeting with the several private school association office bearers. As a result, with the deadline of 15 days the private institutes have put forth their demands with fee payment requirements to the government.

In this meeting, with participation of Karnataka Unaided School Managements Association and other organizations including minority schools union, the general Secretary of KAMS spoke about the general mindset of parents. He pointed out that 40 percent of parents have requested admission without fee payment, with the notion that their children will be promoted to next class, even with no fees. As per Tamilnadu high court order, the institutions are allowed to collect 75 percent of total fees. The Association demanded similar permission and facility in Karnataka  too. The general secretary also demanded to release money from the RTE fund and permit interest free loans to meet the present financial dilemma.

The other demands placed forward were-regarding the provision of health and food kits to covid affected staff, harassment of private banks, order to clear the last year pending fee and safety rules enforcement.

The public instruction department commissioner asked the private schools not to add to the current chaos by suspending online classes and creating hindrances in children’s education to fee defaulters. He concluded by taking the demands of the union into consideration for any further decisions. Till Dec 15th all students can attend online classes, rest depends on the government response to union.

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