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Fine And A Three Month Licence Suspension If Caught Without Helmets

The state government of Karnataka has decided to take stringent action against two wheeler riders who refuse to abide by the law by not wearing helmets. The transport department has prescribed suspension of the driving licence for three months along with a fine if two-wheeler riders are caught riding without helmets.

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Adding to this law, it has now been made compulsory for children aged over 4 years travelling by two-wheelers in the state to wear helmets without fail. In case this rule is not followed, the driving licence of the riders will get suspended for three months. Though not a completely new rule, it has never been strictly enforced till now.

The regional transport officers and staff have been asked to strictly act against violators. They have to send to the joint transport commissioner and additional transport commissioner the number of cases registered, number of cases received through police stations, and number of suspended driving licenses before the fifth of every month.

Two wheeler riders should know the importance of wearing a helmet while riding so as to reduce the risks in the event of an accident. But it is a true fact that most people avoid wearing a helmet which will automatically increase the risks of riding a two wheeler. They should realise that a decision taken for the thrill of it can sometimes cost them their lives, thus affecting even their family. Thus they should keep it in mind that it can sometimes be a matter of life and death.

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