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First And Second PUC Syllabus Of Selected Subjects Cut By 30% – PU Education Department

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of academic days has come down. As a result of the number of academic days being lesser than it used to be, the PU Education Department has decided to cut down the syllabus of selected subjects by 30%.

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Snehal R, who is the Department Director, will be releasing a circular informing people of the same by Wednesday. In accordance with the textbook review committee’s views, subjects like physics, biology, mathematics, and chemistry of the CBSE syllabus will be left unchanged and the aforementioned change will be brought about in other subjects. While talks of the reduction are going on now, the implementation of the same will only be in the academic year 2020-21. As of now, the PU Department has been making use of pre-recorded classes and videos to teach due to the persisting pandemic. 

The syllabus of the other 33 subjects with the exception of those mentioned before is set to be cut down by 30%. Among the subjects that were set to have their syllabus cut, initially the subject of Carnatic music was also included but was later not considered as no student had enrolled for the same in the past two years. The decision to cut the syllabus is in line with the instructions of the state government. Information on the syllabus that has been cut will be made available on the PU education department website. Students can keep themselves updated using the website. 

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