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First ever police Khaki uniform produced in Mangaluru factory in 1851

For the first time ever, the city of Mangaluru created police uniforms in the colour khaki. The colour has unexpectedly gained attention now that Prime Minister Modi wants all police officers in India to wear the same colour uniform.

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The first Basel Mission weaving industry opened in Mangaluru in 1844. Khaki was created for the first time in 1851. This colour was invented for the first time by John Hollar, the factory’s owner. This factory employed many people. Lord Robertson, the then-commander of the British Indian Army, was astounded by the sophisticated colour of Khaki when he visited the factory.Later, this was made the global uniform of the British army.

On khaki-colored clothing, dirt is difficult to see. Thus, red was determined by British officers to be the ideal colour for laborious and demanding work. The British officers in India had written to the Queen about this. According to former Puttur principal Dr. Peter Wilson Prabhakar, who completed PhD research on the Basel Mission, this is why khaki was given importance as the colour of the uniform of the defence forces subsequently.

Except for a few states and Union Territories, khaki has remained the colour of police uniforms.Additionally, the Indian Postal Department released a stamp commemorating the creation of this uniform.

The khaki uniform is not restricted to the police force. Forest department guards, railway gangmen, house guards, civic workers, fire service personnel, postmen, and KSRTC bus drivers and conductors all wear the same uniform.

Even in RSS, khaki shorts were worn well into the night. The colour has been changed to dark brown, and trousers have replaced the shorts.

Accordin to Dr. Peter Wilson Prabhakar, “Khaki uniform of police is the contribution of Mangaluru. During the uniform dress code for police all over the country, this colour should be retained. This colour is the pride of our coastal region. Then only it will remain as a gift to the whole world by this city.”

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