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First-Ever Underwater Tunnel Aqua Exhibition Wows Visitors at Karavali Utsav Maidan in Mangaluru

The city of Mangaluru is currently abuzz with excitement as the first-ever Underwater Tunnel Aqua Exhibition, hosted at the Karavali Utsav Maidan, continues to captivate audiences since its grand inauguration on September 29. Organized by the National Consumer Fair, this groundbreaking event has drawn in a substantial number of visitors eager to witness the mesmerizing world of marine life.

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The exhibition, a true aquatic marvel, features an expansive underground aquarium with an astonishing 24 chambers, offering a breathtaking showcase of over 200 different fish species. Enthusiasts and families alike have marveled at the diverse range of marine creatures on display, from the graceful angelfish and playful clownfish to the elusive seahorses, boxfish, cowfish, eels, wrasses, and many more common marine inhabitants.

One of the standout attractions at the fair is the captivating Robotic Animal Show, where attendees are treated to an extraordinary experience as lifelike robotic creatures emulate the movements and behaviors of their living counterparts. This fusion of technology and nature has left spectators in awe.

For those looking to capture the magic of the event, a dedicated Selfie Gallery provides the perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories with remarkable snapshots.

But the Underwater Tunnel Aqua Exhibition isn’t just about marine wonders. The fair offers a wide range of entertainment options for visitors of all ages, including thrilling amusement rides such as Torra-Torra, Dashing Car, Giant Wheel, Dragon Train, Merry Columbus, 3D Show, Scary House, Air Shot, and Space Jet, ensuring an adrenaline-pumping experience for thrill-seekers.

Shopaholics will find themselves in paradise, with an extensive array of stalls featuring handloom, handicrafts, consumer products, books, health products, fancy footwear, toys, ready-made garments, crockery, and much more.

Culinary enthusiasts are in for a treat as well, with a diverse selection of delectable South and North Indian dishes available at numerous food stalls, providing a feast for the senses.

This unique event, which has been running since September 29, continues to offer a one-of-a-kind aquatic spectacle for families, enthusiasts, and visitors of all ages. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of underwater wonders at the Karavali Utsav Maidan.

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