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First Recycled Plastic House of Karnataka launched in Mangaluru

An initiative by the Plastics for Change(PFC) India Foundation tries to better the living standards of those who make a living out of informally collecting waste in Karnataka. Their initiative is a project that is both environmentally sound,novel as well as sustainable. They convert plastic waste, that is difficult to recycle, into material that can be used for construction of low cost homes.

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PFC India Foundation’s work has managed to be the first of its kind in Karnataka that is an environment friendly recycled plastic house at Panchandady situated in Mangaluru. Low value plastic was collected for this venture in order that waste pickers can have an added income.

After this house was built at Panchanady, it was handed over to one of civic worker of Mangaluru. In addition to PFC India Foundation, Hyderabad- based construction company, Bamboo Projects  also partnered in the construction of this 350 sqm house. The cost for the same was Rs. 4.5 lakhs while the time taken for construction was 15 days. Plastic that weighs 1500 kg has been used to produce the panels of the house. If the government identifies land, more houses can be constructed for the weaker section of society while the company reduces the cost to Rs. 3.5 lakhs if multiple houses are worked on simultaneously. 

Social development programmes developed by the foundation in cities like Bengaluru, Mangaluru, Karwar, Udupi, Hubballi and Dharwad have aided almost 10,000 waste pickers. The approaches taken up by this foundation include facilitating access to social securities and identities, banking system, financial literacy, health care camps and nutrition facilities. It has also conducted Covid- 19 relief drives, provided them with PPE kits and necessary ration. In its second phase of work, the foundation looks forward to constructing more houses. 

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