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Fisherman Survives 14 Hours at Sea After Falling off Boat in Malpe

Pukalu Kameya, a fisherman from Andhra Pradesh, was rescued alive after spending 14 hours in the sea when he accidentally fell off a purse seine boat in Malpe. Kameya was part of a 35-member fishermen team returning from their fishing activity when the incident occurred. The other fishermen realized he was missing only after travelling some distance and immediately began searching for him.

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Kameya swam for a brief period before finding a fishing net, which he used to stay afloat. He held onto a flag post put up in the net for support, managing to stay alive until he was finally rescued. The net was laid on April 17 at 6 pm, and the fishermen found Kameya standing with the support of the flag post at 3 am when they reached the spot. They pulled him out of the water and brought him back to shore.

Kameya was admitted to the Ajjarkad district hospital due to some health issues but has since recovered and been discharged. When asked about the incident, he said, “I waved out to people in the boat and made signs to catch their attention. But they did not notice me. Later, I found some plastic bottles in the sea, which I used to feed on myself and caught hold of a fishing net that was laid to rescue myself.” The incident highlights the importance of safety measures while engaging in fishing activities and the need for prompt action in case of emergencies.

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