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Fishing Activities At Bunder Resumes After A Month

Fishing activity in the fishing port of the city at Bunder has resumed after months. Traditional fishing boats are returning to the port and the auctions are in progress.

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It is still 10 days away before the mechanized fishing boats get down to the sea. However, due to heavy rains and high tide in the sea, traditional fishermen could carry out their fishing activity in the month of June and during the first half of July. Now they are making the most of it.

Fish from the other states are arriving at the sea port, like from Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Kerala etc. Mostly Mackerel and Sardines arrive from the other states. Mackerel from Andhra and Sardine from Tamil Nadu are quite tasty and are in high demands.

Traditional onal fishermen are now catching white prawns in plenty. The price is around Rs 400 per kg in addition they also get small amounts of mackerels and sardines besides Nang, Kalluru and crabs.

A fish merchant in sea port says that the rate of fish varies from morning till evening in the market as plenty of fish arrive from local traditional fishermen as well as from the other states

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