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Four primary health care centres will establish a new Ayushmati women’s clinic.

Soon, four of the city’s Primary Health Centers (PHC) will have distinct Ayushmati women’s clinics. The PHCs in Bunder, Padil, Surathkal, and Bejai will host these clinics when they start operating.

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These clinics will hire doctors from medical schools. PHCs are primarily used by women for a variety of health-related issues. At PHCs, they occasionally do not receive specialised care. The health department has started a new section specifically for women.

In these clinics, skilled gynaecologists will check on, advise, and treat women. From young girls to senior citizens, ladies of all age groups can receive the procedure. These clinics will provide treatment for conditions most commonly found in women, such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and menstrual problems. Along with complimentary medications, advice regarding diet, nutrition, and personal cleanliness will also be given to expectant women.

Dr. Sujay Bhandary, the city’s taluk medical officer, provided information about the Ayushmati clinic, stating that it would start at four locations across the city. At the moment, this will only apply to urban areas, but it may subsequently spread to rural areas as well. To manage these clinics, assistance from the city’s medical colleges will be requested. Women are treated by a new doctor every day. The women’s health issues will first be noted, and they will be assigned a day and time to meet with the appropriate doctor.

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