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Four prominent Udupi, Dakshina Kannada residents were given “New Year Awards.”

Academy of General Education(AGE),Manipal Academy of Higher Education(MAHE), MEMG, and Manipal Media Network Ltd. held the “New Year Awards 2023” to recognise outstanding individuals from the Udupi and Dakshina Kannada (DK) districts for their significant contributions to society, the arts, and culture. Four achievers who have made a unique contribution in the realms of agriculture, the arts, and banking as well as raising awareness of this exceptional situation received honours. The event was attended by Dr. Ranjan R. Pai, chairman of MEMG, president of MAHE, registrar of AGE, Dr. H. S. Ballal, pro chancellor of MAHE and president of AGE, T. Sathish U. Pai, executive chairman of Manipal Media Network Ltd. & vice president of AGE, and T. Ashok Pai, president of the Dr. TMA Pai Foundation, Manipal.

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The winners this year were Dr. Pushpa G. Kini, a school student leader who completed her undergraduate studies at St. Agnes College in Mangaluru and is active in the NSS, as well as Mahabaleshwara M. S., who had 38 years of banking experience at the operational and administrative levels and was a member of the managing committee of the Indian Banks’ Association, Mumbai, Amai Maha, and Pushpa G. Kini.

Expressing his satisfaction after accepting the award, Mahabaleshwara M S, managing director and CEO, Karnataka Bank, said, “I am elated and happy to be in the middle of dignitaries assembled here from diverse walks of life. About a couple of months back, I received phone calls from Dr H S Ballal and T Satish U Pai congratulating me on being picked for the ‘New Year Award’. The Awards naturally serve as a source of inspiration to work even harder and with greater responsibility for the benefit of society. I’m delighted since the “New Year Award” has been given for more than 82 years and is highly regarded and praised by the Society.

Dr. Pushpa G. Kini, professor in the KMC Manipal department of paediatrics, expressed her joy at winning the award by saying, “I come before you with tremendous humility and thanks. The administration of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, The Academy of General Education, MEMG, Manipal Media Network Ltd., and Dr. TMA Pai Foundation deserve my sincere gratitude and appreciation for selecting me as the recipient of the New Year Award 2023. I believe I have only done my duty in good faith, and I have not accomplished anything.

Amai Mahalinga Naik, a farmer from Kepu Adyanadka, expressed his joy at earning the honour, saying, “I’m pleased to learn that I’ve been chosen for the renowned Hosavarsha Award granted by the illustrious Manipal Group of Organizations in honour of our diligent work. I want to express my sincere gratitude to all the Manipal dignitaries and staff members who selected me for this honour. My prize, in my opinion, is merited. There is no doubt that our nation will rise to great power status if we all perform our responsibilities with integrity and ability. I am grateful to Honorable H. S. Ballal and the Manipal Institutions officers for choosing me for this honour of the year and assuring me of their love and respect for me”.

Dr. Pangal Sripathi Rao, a former dean at KMC in Manipal and an orthopaedic surgeon, expressed his joy after receiving the award, saying, “I am greatly honoured to receive this New Year Award established by the Manipal Academy of Higher Education, the Academy of General Education, Manipal Education and Medical Group India Pvt Ltd, Manipal Media Network Ltd, and Dr. TMA Pai Foundation. My joy at obtaining this award is doubled by the knowledge that Manipal, the university that helped shape who I am now, should have thought it appropriate to give me this honour.

Dr. Srimani Shetty gave the vote of gratitude, Dr. H. S. Ballal gave the inaugural speech, and Princia Nikitha Dias led the programme.


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