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Good response for the breastmilk bank in Lady Goschen Hospital

The public has responded well to the establishment of the city’s Lady Goschen hospital as the first breastmilk bank in coastal Karnataka. The number of donors is rising each month.

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In March 2022, the breastmilk bank officially opened for business. 3300 lactating mothers have given the bank their breast milk thus far. This breastmilk is pasteurised and given to 68 preterm babies as well as youngsters who are housed in the RAPCC Children’s Center at Wenlock Hospital. Dr. Balakrishna Rao N S, the hospital’s nodal officer and RMO, supplied this information.

The number of donors has increased as a result of awareness campaigns. At first, it was challenging to persuade lactating women. They are currently giving breastmilk voluntarily. The donor’s signature is acquired on the consent form before the general, HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and VDRL tests are run on the breastmilk sample. The breastmilk is collected as soon as a negative report is received.

The pasteurised breastmilk is checked again in the Wenlock Hospital laboratory, and it is only provided to children after receiving a negative result. This breastmilk has a six-month shelf life. According to the medical superintendent, the process of collecting, using, and reserving breastmilk is being done correctly.

According to Dr. Durgaprasad M. R., medical director of Lady Goschen Hospital, “Lactating mothers are responding well, and the breastmilk bank is operating successfully. This is essential for children who are born prematurely. Instead of artificial milk, if mother’s milk is given, the growth of premature babies will be faster. This shows the humanity of mothers.”

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