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Govt Makes Helmet Mandatory For Children Below Four Years.

 The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways made it mandatory on Monday for kids aged between nine months and four years to wear a crash helmet and a safety harness while they are being carried on a motorcycle.

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 The rules will come into force after one year from the date of publication of the Central Motor Vehicles (Second Amendment) Rules, 2022.

“This has been notified under Section 129 of the Motor Vehicles Act, which mandates that the Central Government may, by rules, provide for measures for the safety of children below four years of age, riding or being carried on a motorcycle,” the ministry said in a statement.

  The safety harness is a vest to be worn by the child, which shall be adjustable with a pair of straps attached to the vest and forming shoulder loops to be worn by the driver. This way, the upper torso of the child can be securely attached to the driver. Also, the government made it compulsory that such motorcycles cannot be driven at a speed more than 40 km per hour.

This is achieved by a feature, attaching the straps to the back of the vest and crossing the straps over the vest so that two large crossing-over loops are formed that pass between the legs of the passenger and the child sits on the seat of the two-wheeler.

  The ministry further said that the protective gear, including the safety harness, should be lightweight, adjustable, waterproof, and durable.


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