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Govt. school adds fun to Bridge course learning

Students from Classes 6 to 8 at Government Higher Primary School in Moodambailu, Sullia taluk, received a link about making a spinner out of plastic bottles as part of their weekly basic science exercise last week. This was one of several videos on the Arvind Gupta Toys YouTube channel. S. Madhushree and Manvith from class 8 and class 7 of Punacha village built the spinners with colored blades and after watching the films and emailed the professors of their creations. 

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As part of the Social Science curriculum, teachers initiated the students to talk about their gram panchayats, their services, and what they will do if they become president of the panchayat. Class 6 and Class 8 students wrote about pensions, employment cards under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, and panchayat Swachh Bharat efforts. The daughter of the Punacha Gram Panchayat president wrote about the projects she will pursue as president of the panchayat.

On June 15, the Head Master and his team of five instructors engaged in these activities as part of a bridge course for 60 pupils from Classes 1 to 8 at the school. Pictures and videos of the activities are posted on the school’s Facebook page regularly. The activities are designed in such a way that parents are included, allowing them to actively engage in their children’s learning. The majority of the tasks include language skills as well as fundamental science and math ideas. 

The higher primary school children were so eager that they even took part in a counting and language comprehension activity for students in Classes 1 to 5, which involved performing a Kannada rhyme entitled “Ondu Kaage Banditu.” Students also took part in an exercise that required singing Hindi film songs and comprehending a tale that they had heard in Hindi in Kannada. This bridge course, which was addressed by the Head Master, has assisted teachers in understanding the level of students’ language, science, and mathematics abilities.

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