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Grand Lakshadeepotsava Celebrations Illuminate Sri Krishna Mutt with Devotees

The joyous festivities of Lakshadeepa at Sri Krishna Math commenced on Friday, November 24, enveloping the surroundings in pomp and grandeur. Devotees from far and wide gathered to partake in the celebration, transforming Car Street into a radiant spectacle with rows of meticulously arranged oil lamps.

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Under the auspicious guidance of Paryaya Sri Vidyasagar Theertha Swamiji of Krishnapura Math, joined by the revered Ashta Mathadhis, the Dipotsava unfolded gracefully. The ceremonious lighting of oil lamps along the street marked the initiation of Lakshadeepotsava. Distinguished spiritual leaders including Sri Vidyadeesha Theertha Swamiji of Palimar Math, Sri Vishwaprasanna Theertha Swamiji of Pejawar Math, Sri Vidhyavallabha Theertha Swamiji of Kaniyoor Math, Adamaru junior seer Sri Ishapriyatirtha Swamiji, Palimaru junior seer Sri Rajrajeswara Theertha Swamiji, and Shiroor seer Sri Vedvardhana Theertha Sripada graced the occasion.

In a symbolic gesture, all present Swamijis offered milk to Lord Krishna as part of the traditional ‘Kshiraabdhi’ ritual, performed in front of the Tulasi Katte.

The much-anticipated Teppotsava unfolded as the Utsava idols of Lord Krishna and Lord Mukhyaprana were carried in a palanquin and placed in an adorned boat. The boat gracefully sailed around the ‘Madhwa Sarovara,’ the temple lake, thrice, creating a spectacular display. This was followed by the Rathotsava at Car Street, capturing the hearts of the gathered devotees.

Subsequently, the divine idols of Lord Krishna and Lord Mukhyaprana were reverently placed in the ‘Garudaratha,’ while the idols of Lord Anantheshwara and Lord Chandrmaulishwara adorned the ‘Mahapoojaratha.’ The procession circled Car Street, allowing devotees to partake in the auspicious sight.

The Lakshadeepa celebrations at Sri Krishna Math brought together spirituality, tradition, and community, fostering a sense of unity and devotion among the participants. The glowing lamps and vibrant processions encapsulated the essence of the festival, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who attended.

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