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Hattikudru Isle To Have A New Tree Park

Coastal beaches and sceneries have always been a wonder to outsiders, creating income to many. The covid crisis has caused a huge loss in tourism and there is an urge to make better the already existing visiting spots.

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Hattikudru Isle, on the Swarna river, in Moodutonse village is the target area to accommodate the new plan of a 30-acre tree park. The officials incharge have taken the decision to develop Isles in Udupi taluk. This scheme will be executed without hampering the environment, as a joint venture of the forest and tourism department. Though Hattikudur isle, decked with acacia, coconut and other bushes, is beautiful as it is; the need is to boost tourism at best.

The budget of the tree park proposal is about Rs.2.7crore.This is now under pipeline to obtain grant from the government. To preserve the indegenious ecosystem local trees and plants are to be grown. This tree park will always be adorned with placards displaying information about the walkway, migrant birds, special fishes and many more. To attract the modern crowd it will also have selfie points.

The Coastal Karnataka Bird Watchers Network has aided this plan by their study on migrant birds. They have been able to report immigration of 145 types of birds per week to this isle.

The reports show optimistic responses from the locals. Locals also have expressed their approval to remove the existing acacia trees and grow other natural flora in its place.Ultimately this tree park should prove beneficial to the locals. The idea of removing acacia trees is accepted by the officials and this plan is underway.

The creation of a system that is eco friendly and income generating is a way to flaunt the beauty and grandeur of our coastal city.

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