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Health Staff To Make Arrangements For Covid Testing Before Colleges Reopen

With just days left for the reopening of the schools and colleges after a long break on November 17, the standard operating procedure issued by the Government of Karnataka requires all teachers, students and non-teaching staff of colleges and hostels to submit a COVID-19 RT-PCR negative test report. It is to be done within 72 hours before the day of the reopening of classes as stated in a press release issued by the state government.

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The concerned authorities have to make the necessary arrangements for the collection of the nasal and throat swabs and testing of the samples. All teaching and non teaching staff as well as students have to take the test and the arrangements have to be made so that there is no delay and can facilitate quick testing. 

The results will be forwarded via SMS to the number registered on the ICMR portal. The results can be also accessed by visiting

The labs have been also directed to carry out testing of the samples received through pooled testing process. 

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