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Hostels are urged to follow food safety regulations due to food poisoning incidents are widespread

As a result of the recurrent cases of food poisoning, the health department has instituted new measures to oversee the cleanliness of dormitories at universities and colleges. With the assistance of the nearby primary healthcare facilities, it will assess the quality of the food and water (PHCs).

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Recent hospital admissions due to food poisoning involved several students from a private hospital hostel. Students from a different college hostel fell ill for the same reason as they were recovering. In order to keep an eye on the standard of the food given in hostels, the health department has assembled a team of junior cadre officers that includes Asha employees.

The PHCs have been asked by the health department to make unannounced visits to the hostels once a week or once a month to assess the food’s quality and speak with hostel residents about their health.According to Covid Nodal Officer Dr. Ashok, hospital staff will be deployed alongside PHC employees to do the task more successfully.

Bengaluru has received samples of recent food poisoning, but the report has not yet arrived. Even the water’s quality has been sent off for testing. The district administration will receive both reports soon.

Vomiting and dysentery are only two of the illnesses that hostel students are susceptible to. While some hostels utilise MCC-supplied water, some have their own water supply. Diseases are certain to occur if cleanliness is not kept up. According to representatives of the health department, they are educating dormitory wardens about preserving hygiene

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